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Snack Boxes

Specific Recipes

Our 13.2oz Snack Boxes were designed to maximize shipping efficiency so you know you're getting the highest quality nuts at the best price.  Each recipe is artfully crafted with only four simple ingredients.  We offer several options with this product:

  1. Specific or Curated: Are you looking for a specific recipe or mixture of recipes? Easy, we'll package it to your request. If you'd prefer to be surprised we can curate a selection and send you information about that selection.  Curated products are a great option along with our subscription program.
  2. Purchase now or Subscribe: Maybe you were just looking for a quick treat, but great if that treat showed up at your door without you doing anything else.  When you choose a subscription we'll ship you this product regularly, what could be more fun than that!?
  3. Gift or Treat: Is this a treat for you or a gift for someone else? This product is easy to turn into a gift at no extra cost.  We'll add a gift note to your recipient so they know who's thinking of them, just make sure to send us the message you want included.

Send a curated subscription as a gift and your recipient will be happily surprised all year long.

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